Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alyssa's Portrait Dress

Well. I did it.
I finished up Grapes' portrait dress last night and could barely contain myself from the excitement. I think it turned out sooooo cute. I just LOVE it.

I used the Simply Sweet pattern for the top and winged the skirt and the sash, drawing inspiration from a photo Liz sent me that she liked.
Sadly, I don't know who this photo belongs to, to give credit.

I'm pleased with the result.

The back is pretty DANG cute, too.

And the bows.

And for fun...
Some shots of the girls together.

They love each other so much.
And they were awesome models this morning, because I bribed them with some new Hershey kisses we got yesterday.


both surprisingly tasty.
You should get some. :)


BConky said...


Julia said...

Darling girls and dresses!

ShirleyC said...

That picture of them together holding hands facing the camera is priceless!

Terri Bowden said...

Those are beautiful! I love the fabrics, I think I actually have some of those!

Justine said...

AW! Little girls can get away with the cutest outfits :)

Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

Lindsey Ramage said...

Hey Cole! Just checking out your awesome work! The room looks great! The 1960's dress is adorable and the girls all matchy matchy is soooo cute! My Taylor said. "MOM there are my friends I have been telling you I want to play with!" So please come home and visit us too!! Taylor says HI!

Haylee said...

So cute! You have the cutest little models as well. :)