Friday, September 3, 2010

Another birthday dress for Boo's

Well... this one is an Ella original.
She chose the pattern and the fabrics herself, with only the slightest bit of help from Mom.

It's not what I would have put together, but I like it... and she loves it. That's what counts, right.

Of course, it had to have a 'Mommy made it for me' tag. I love those little things!

It's VERY full and long which is Ella's favorite combo for dresses.
The perfect dancing dress.
...and we LOVE dancing around here.

almost as much as we love giggling and laughing out loud!

Ella always covers her mouth when she laughs now, which I just think is the cutest thing. I don't know where she gets it from. I don't do that.
Come to think of it.... no one in my family does that- we just let the laugh out... most of us louder than is appropriate probably.

Ella loves her new dress.
And her new baby from Grandma.

It had to have a matching dress and get in on the modeling, too.

We think she's a natural.

She was a total trooper, even though her dress was too big!

These dolls are skinnier than the American Girl Dolls, I guess.

Ella thought it was funny!

Bows to match, too.

Though, she prefers to wear just one bow- hooked onto a headband.
It's cute.

Pattern info:
For Boo's- McCall's 6062
For Kourtney (the doll)- Carla C's simply sweet dress for dolls


ShirleyC said...

I think Ella did a great job of picking out her fabric. Come on, Mom, I've seen adults do a whole lot worse. LOL
She's so darned cute.

Ellie Inspired said...

Well, what girl wouldn't love this!! Princess material, twirly skirt, matching hairbows, AND matching doll dress! The best birthday gift ever! Way to go Mom!

Julia said...

So, so sweet! I have some granddaughters who would love this!

BConky said...

I love Ella's fabric combo. Way to go Ella. The doll dress is just the perfect icing on the cake. Way to go Cole.

Emily at Emmie Designs said...

I really like how your dress turned out. I made the same pattern for my daughter and left out the underskirt. It was so much crazy darn fabric after doing the ruffle I gave up on it for a while and didn't finish the band. It was huge. Looking at your beautiful project makes me maybe want to finish the dress I started out with, thanks :) I needed that.

Kourtney said...

of COURSE the doll is a natural, her name is Kourtney...and of course her outfit is too big...I fit into a 4 yesterday :)