Friday, September 10, 2010

Ariel's Marry-ing dress

This has been on the to-do list for years and
years and years.....
Ella LOVES Ariel. Always has. I mean really loves her.

She is, also, equally obsessed with marry-ing and anything related to a wedding, so naturally Ariel's wedding gown is right on up there with being a real princess, going to Disney World, and eating ice cream for every meal.

Every time we go thru the sewing patterns, she pulls this one out and asks me to make it for her.
I finally gave in.

This patterns' smallest size is a 3 (which I made) and it swallows her up.
My little girl has such a tiny chest. Oh... not to worry... she eats like a horse and if she's anything like the other girls in my family- she won't have that small chest for long.

I also made it a little longer, since I knew she would LOVE it to death, I wanted to make sure she got some wear out of it.
Dumb mistake- it's so huge, it just swallows her up.
I put some ties on the back, which helped a little, but now I don't know what to do about the hem. It would need about 6 inches hemmed up to make it wear-a-ble right now. I'm afraid to cut that off- it will throw off the proportions of the dress and when I tried to hem that much up, it got all jacked...... ughhhhh....

Stupid Ariel marry-ing costume that my daughter loves.
What to do? What to do?

We stuffed a big tutu under the dress for these photos, which helped a bit... but still so huge.

I really like the sleeves on this dress, though. It's my first time to do a leg o mutton sleeve and I think it turned out so beautiful! Ella really loves them, too.

It helped to have that beautiful embroidered bridal satin that my Mom sent me from Thanks Grandma!

Coincidentally, this is the pattern I was tracing off when I seriously injured my back.... funny.... it was a pain in the back then... and now it's a big, fat pain in my ... well, you know.

oh... and speaking of Ella loving Ariel... I took a walk down memory lane this morning and look what I found. Proof of my daughters ongoing love affair with Princess Ariel.

....and these are just the cute ones.
If I really wanted to bore you, I could show you the thousands of videos I have of her singing the Ariel songs and dancing with her dolls.
... sigh.... she's getting so big.

When she was little, she would get tired and rub Ariel's hair on her nose (you can see in some of the pictures), now she just sleeps with her and rubs her hair, but the for the first time the other night, I couldn't find Ariel and she said, "It's okay Mom, I can sleep without her".... sigh....
NO! You are a baby- you need your doll. :)


Just Jo said...

Nicole-the dress is absolutely gorgeous! The trip down memory lane made me almost cry thinking of my girls-they grow up fast. As for the hem, I know, been there, too!

BConky said...

Love the dress. Love the pics. Miss all of you. Come to Texas.

Liz said...

So cute and OMG Alyssa and her are identical in all her baby/toddler pics!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Oh that is so cute how you have so many pictures of her with her Ariel doll. You must feel like you should set a place at the table for her! The dress is gorgeous. Could you tack up the hem temporarily without cutting anything off so she could wear it now and then let it down later?

Happy Together said...

How adorable! The important part is that she likes it :)

Terri Bowden said...

BEAUTIFUL! This dress is gorgeous, Faith would prob pee her pants if I made her something like that! Hopefully one day I'll get there!!

Goosegirl said...

I Love the Little Mermaid too! She is "my" princess ( singing redhead who is not super submissive, yeah, me!)
And you did a fabulous job on her marrying dress too!

Could you take a growth tuck all the way around the hem, about 3 inches up? I know it would change the look of the skirt, but it would take care of the length. It is a beautiful dress. And I bet she will be wearing for years, until is is in shreds. That is how my India was, and Ahnalin does it too. Princesses love their ballgowns!

k a t y said...

It is beautiful! Your attention to detail and precision is very impressive! Great job!