Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flashback Tuesday

So... I'm not ready to show you the stuff I'm working on right now, so today we're having a flashback to one of my very first sewing projects.

One of the cruelest things in life... is growing out of favorite clothes.
Especially as a teen, this was so devastating to me.
This one was especially hard to part with.

I LOVED this shirt. It was from Contempo- which has since been bought over by Wet Seal... and I still love that store.

It was a long sleeved, brown knit, baby doll shirt with off white elastic at the neckline. It fit perfect, it was soft, and I REALLY, REALLY loved the little saying. Lighten up- with the lamp. How clever.
Someone needs to steal this idea and make a machine embroidery file like this. With the little hand embroidery type stitches. I love it.

Well... I saved it for several years and when I moved out into my first apartment I dug it out of my hope chest and made it into a little throw pillow.

Look how horribly it's sewn. I don't care. I still love it.

I obviously didn't know what I was doing with that binding.... :/

NOW... I am not a throw pillow kind of person. I have none on my bed!
I have none on my couch... and the pillows I do have on my couch, I hate.
I pretty much only use decorative throw pillows for holidays.
I do like those.

But I love this one! I've had it for many years and I know I will never give it away.
Someone can have it when I die... and they better keep it forever.

I love the way it looks on this old chair I got from my Grandparents house.

That's the cool thing about sewing. You can make something that really reflects who you are. Sometimes those things change and you grow out of them, but some things... like this pillow I made over 10 years ago... will stay with me forever.
That's cool.


Rockstargirlz said...

I love your sweet pillow. I am in the process of teaching my girls 9 and 7 to sew and embroider. they made several pillows this summer.