Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Alyssa- Take Two

I'm on a roll today...
So here's the elephant play outfit for my sweet niece Alyssa.

Miss Sassy Pants likes this one, too.

She is all giggles and smirks over it...

Sorry, Goose, it's not for you.

I'm so happy to see that these pants fit, though.
I used the igrow pants pattern. This is the first time I've made them and DANG it! They are easy and fast and wonderful.
Karen was so kind to send the pattern to me after she saw my posts using the igrow skirt (which I made earlier today!)

These are the 2-4 size, which are going to be the perfect length for pants for Grapes, but would totally fit for capris for Lucy. Awesome!
I want some! :)

See that comfy waistband. ....sigh... heaven.

I used this elephant from Sewing For Sarah. I had to have my sister in law pick, because there are just too many cute elephant appliques to choose from. I sewed the little button on the flower instead of doing the satin stitches.

Then I made some little matching bows with ggdesigns flower stitches! Ahhhhh! I love them and I love green and yellow together. That is one of my all time favorite color combos. Doesn't it just make you want to sing,

okay... maybe just me, but anyways.....

Two posts in one day... that makes up for not blogging yesterday.
Now, I guess I should make these kiddos some dinner, even though I'd rather keep sewing for Grapes, or Hailey, or Emma- who's birthday is coming up. :)
I love to sew for little girls.


BConky said...

I bet that ends up being a favorite. Soft cute and comfy. Sounds like I need one. ha ha

jellaan said...

Another cute little outfit!! And another pattern I really need to buy!!

Just Jo said...

Love both of yesterday's outfits! So comfy and fun looking!

Just Jo said...
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