Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frankenstein bags!

I have a thing for Frankenstein.
I don't know why. I just think he's oh-so-cute!

So... naturally I love these new zippered bags from Pickle Pie Designs!

They come in 5X7 which I made for William. He insisted on his Frankenstein having blue hair and blue eyes.

Here he is making his 'Frankenstein faces'... but he didn't feel good either. Can you tell?

My poor baby had a headache. :(

I made the 4X4 size for me. I LOVE him. Oh... he's so cute!

I love stuff like this for my little fella. Cute enough to still be for a little boy, but not too babyish. Perfect.

I have a feeling that my nephew Dylan is gonna want one of these when he sees them, too. I'm just waiting for it.

Let me know what colors you want Dill Bill.


BConky said...

I like the 4 x4 the best really cute. William looks pathetic in those pics.

jellaan said...

Poor William!! I hope his head is feeling better!! My little guy got a headache last week that lasted for days and Tylenol wouldn't take it away. :(

Love those Frankenstein bags! So cute!!