Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hailey's portrait dress

So... My sister in law asked me if I could make some dresses for her girls to get their portraits made in. We went to the fabric store when I was in Dallas and this is what Liz picked out from Hobby Lobby.

I'm really happy with how this dress came out.

Ella likes it, too. Which means Hailey probably will, also.

I used the As You Like It Dress by Happy Together again.
I really like this pattern.

I love that you can put a long sleeved t-shirt under there or wear it sleeveless in the summer.

Plus, it goes together pretty quick.
I added a ruffle this time and did the strip work skirt- my sister in law is a big fan of the strip work skirts and coordinating fabrics.

Here are some of the other dresses I've made for Hailey's portraits.

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

oh... and they must always have matching bows, of course.


BConky said...

I'm sure Liz and Hailey will love it. But I think it needs an applique for additional cuteness.

Sara said...

how darling they are!!! I love the fabric she picked out, have some of that myself!!!