Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New outfit for Miss Grapes

Remember this little outfit I made?
Well... it turned out to be one of Alyssa's favorites. She is very into animals right now- especially kitties, puppies, and elephants.

It was time for Grapes' to get some new outfits.
Here's what I came up with.
I know Alyssa will LOVE it, if I can get it away from Lucy.

Can you tell Miss Priss thinks she's HOT stuff?

I used the igrow skirt pattern again, this time using a different knit for the band. The sweatshirt knit wasn't stretchy enough. I like the brown, too.

And I used it again for the cute little leg warmers. With buttons for added pizazz!

And of course, a little bow. I just sewed a little rectangle of the sweatshirt knit and then tied a little knot with the brown.

I really love this Kitty Cat applique. I have used it a number of times. I don't know why there aren't more cute kitty appliques out there.... seriously lacking in my opinion, but I do love this one.

The little shirt is just a cheapy ready to wear from Wal-Mart. The new ones are really cute with the sparkly elastic at the top.

Now... of course, this is the last thing I should be working on... but it was FUN!

Happy Tuesday!


BConky said...

You've just got to make Lucy that outfit it is the cutest thing on her and you can tell she loves it. Alyssa will adore it.

jellaan said...

Really cute outfit!! I really have to get that skirt pattern!! So cute!! Good luck getting it away from Lucy....looks like she loves the little outfit! Love her poses!!

Julia said...

You may have America's New Top Model in this little darling! The outfit is so adorable!

Kimberlee said...

Way to cute!!!!!