Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nursery Rhymes dresses

Okay... so I was over at sewforum.
What's new, right?

...and I learned about this new Challenge Group for crafters. You KNOW I love a good challenge, so I ran over there and signed up.
The first challenge is for anything Mother Goose or Grimm's fairy tale themed.

The very first thing that popped into my head was this adorable fabric I bought a while back at Hancocks.

It's so wrinkled... ugh. Oh well... you get the picture... it's adorable, right.
However, there is absolutely nothing on the selvage to indicate where to get it or who designed it... darn it, because it's all gone at our store. I still have a few yards left, but not enough for me to part with, so I won't be selling any custom dresses like this. I just can't bear to give up any more of the fabric. I think I'll make a quilt out of the rest that I have.

So, I immediately started sketching and this is what I can up with for Ella.
I got the GRAND idea to take them to a park for the photo shoot- which was good for lighting and scenery, but having to hike up the dress to accomidate the car seat made for horrible wrinkles in the dress... uuuurrrrggg. Stupid wrinkles.

I really love how Ella's came out, even though it is a little big on her. I've been trying to think of making school clothes for next year and making them a little bigger so that she can wear them longer... but this one is a little too big for my taste.

I used this pattern for the main dress and then just free handed the scalloped overskirt. I really can't believe how well it came out, considering that I just eyeballed it with a pencil.

Then, I just kept adding to it- the buttons, the rick rack, the bows... I wanted to add another layer of the dress in the way of an off white pettiskirt- but Mom reminded me to "use an editing eye" and that it was cute enough already. I think she was right.

Well... I thought I was totally in love with Ella's outfit, until I made Lucy's.

ohhhhhh.... I just LOVE Lucy's. I love, love, love Lucy's.

For hers, I used this adorable pattern that my Mom bought me called Nana's Retro Pinafore. GREAT PATTERN! You have no idea how easy and quick this was to make. Some sweet handmade bias tape and a little button... and.... oh.... so cute. Did I tell you I love this???

I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her.

For the little red under dress, I just took this pattern that I used for Ella's princess dress and elongated the shirt view A to dress length and didn't use the casing. I'm thinking of 'totally' making another pinafore in Christmas fabrics to go with this dress.... oh cute. I can't wait!

So, there you have it. My first submission to the Boutique Challenge Group.

Look at Lucy poking out from the tree:

and all my munchkins:


Julie said...

OMG, those are so cute!! Thanks for sharing all the pattern info. I hope to be heading to Hancock's sometime this week...I'll have to see if they have any more of the nursery rhyme fabric!

Thanks also for posting about the Boutique Challenge Group. I signed up last week and plan to pariticipate in the Halloween Challenge.

Mama Lusco said...

So darling! I really like that Pinny! The rick-rack and ruffles are just too sweet. You rocked this!

BConky said...

Love them both but Lucy's is my favorite. I think maybe the proportions on Ella's is wrong, it's like in thirds. Maybe the apron should have been shorter or maybe the dress longer????

k a t y said...

Wow! Those are almost too cute ;)

Great job!

-k a t y

Emily said...