Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School Girl and lots of firsts!

This dress is full of firsts for National Sewing Month... which is almost over. :(
I pledged to try some new things and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished.

AND I love how this dress turned out!

The pattern is School Girl by Ellie Inspired and will be available for purchase soon. I got to test it! :D

I made this one for Lucy....

but Ella wants one also. I think it will be so cute for her for school next year. She had to model it, too- even though it is scandalously short.

So... the first first was the yoke.
I've never done one before so naturally... I put the applique to high on the first bodice I cut out.

Drats! I'm going to cut it up and make a doll outfit... eventually.

First #2- piping.

I've put piping on a pillowcase and the bottom of some jammies with cuffs- but never on a dress or any seams with curves.

First #3- Making my own piping.
Well, Wal-Mart didn't have the right pink, so I had to make my own piping. It wasn't so difficult... but I definitely need more practice. It is far from perfect.

When I saw this pattern- I knew I wanted to make it plaid and I knew I wanted to cut the yoke and the waistband on the bias. That's where First #4 comes in.
#4- Cutting yoke and waistband on the bias.
Of course, I had to consult my 'source of infinite sewing wisdom'- my Mom.
She told me to cut it on the bias and then cut facing pieces out of a woven fabric on grain- so that those pieces would be stable and not stretch. Check.

Then First #5- back placket with buttons down the dress.
I've never done this either, but I like it. I think the buttons add so much to this little dress.
I typically like to purchase buttons, add them to my button box and stare at them... but rarely use them.

Now, I can just admire them on the dress. Cool.

The applique I used is this sweet, simple Scotty dog by GGDesigns and of course, had to make the matching hair stitchies. I love those!!!

And just one more photo.
I love this expression on Lucy- but I hate that you can tell we were using an old spaghetti stained undershirt.... oops.


BConky said...

Would have never noticed stain if you hadn't pointed it out. Love love love this dress. Adorable

Cennetta said...

Adorable. Miss. Lucy is quite the model. Both girls look great in their new dresses.

Mrs.Fitz said...

What a sweet little outfit! And even sweeter models.

ShirleyC said...

You did a great job, and I love the dress with the pink accents. The trick to making your own piping is being able to stitch as close to the cord as possible. I have found that I can do that better with my open toed foot. Probably with the thicker cording, you would still have to use the zipper foot.
If I can't find skinny cording, I just unwind some of the thicker. I also bought one of those little rulers that allows you to trim the piping down to 1/4". That sure helps.

sordanuts said...

Photo editing will take care of those spaghetti stains...and you won't even break a sweat scrubbing them out!


Rockstargirlz said...

Nicole (mispell)
I have to say I love reading you blog, facebook, and even on sewforum. I too have 3 kids (girls)
the last 2 are 21months apart. When you talk about Ella and Lucy I crack up. Especially with the short dress. Even in little girls they are tuned to love short dresses. Lucy was born to model.

Mama Lusco said...

Darling! Congrats on all the firsts. It turned out great :)

Emily said...

Adorable! I love the colors you picked and your girls are so cute!