Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twirl Girl Dress- Barbie style

I got to test this pattern for Laura, too. Wooo Hooo!

I love this dress with the twirly, bias cut skirt
and really wanted to make a pretty woman dress.

I've always loved it and wanted one... but lack the figure it takes to pull it off- so now I want to make it for Boos.

She had different ideas for this pattern.
Namely- Barbie.

For her birthday, she got this movie from Grandma and the matching Barbie doll from her Aunt Sharon, so she's been dying for the dress.

The one we bought from Target just didn't do it for her in the end. I knew it wouldn't.... but she wouldn't listen to me.

I was lucky to have all of these fabrics in my stash already and besides being difficult to hem all the skirts, this dress was a breeze to make.

And made my little ones VERY happy!

It's very, very twirly... I could hardly get a shot of her still.

She loves the little belt on the dress, too, but wonders why I didn't make it sing (like the Barbie doll). Come on.

Lucy had to get in on the action, too.

I just love her little modeling poses. :)

Oh. And a quick review of this movie- it's adorable. Barbies aunt is a fashion designer in Paris. The songs are great and they sew and there is a bit with a dog that even William laughs at. Except for a bit too much romance between Barbie and Ken- they actually kiss at the end of the movie(uncommon in Barbie movies)- and Ken says in a very dramatic voice, "I would NEVER break up with you" (which is now in Ella's repertoire of commonly used phrases... great....) I would Highly recommend this movie.

So, Ella wins this time.

I will win next time. She will have a Pretty Woman dress.


Mrs.Fitz said...


Heather said...

Well, that is about a billion times better than the Target version! Cute cute!

Janay said...

Singing belt... gotta love kids who think you can make ANYTHING! :)
And frankly, if I was one of your kids, I'd think you could make anything, too!

Ellie Inspired said...

I didn't see the pictures of Lucy in that dress before! So cute! I love that she thought you could make the singing belt too!! LOL You did a great job recreating the Barbie dress.

JennyLyn said...

The dress turned out adorable. I love the gray mixed it. And you can do anything Mom, why can't you make the belt sing? hehehe