Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Twirl n' Go Skirt

Have I told you guys I love testing patterns?

Well... I do and I had another opportunity to test for Jessica over at Happy Together.
Remember this other one I just recently tested.

This one is great. It's a VERY full and twirly skirt that only has one seam.
Yep. You heard it right... one seam to sew the skirt to the waistband and that's it.

I LOVE quick projects, because there are so many things I want to sew.

With a variation on the circle skirt, this skirt is very modern looking and VERY twirly.

Boos really, really likes this one. I wish I wouldn't have made it out of that quilters cotton,though. It likes to wrinkle. I think I'm going to make her another one out of knit. She's getting to where she likes skirts more and more.

I really like this one that Jessica made.

I do LOVE this little flower I made for her hair, too. It took longer than I would normally take on making a hair accessory, but I really love it! I used this tutorial from Shannon Makes Stuff and these little flowers for the inside.

You can enter a give-a-way over at Jessica's blog to win this pattern and while you're over there, check out these adorable tutorials for the Mod Sailor dress and the Military Bias Dress- both on my to-do list. Aren't they cute!?


Shannon said...

Stunning. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the middle of the flower. It looks fantastic!!!