Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2000-2010 Decade Challenge- Mondo Maddness

I'm kind of sad that the Sewing thru the Decades Challenge is over.
I've had so much fun looking thru the styles past and coming up with something for each decade. I missed two decades during the summer, but I am going to do them ,too. So look out for 1920-1929 and 1930-1939.

For the 2000 decade I decided to use Mondo as inspiration.

He quickly became my favorite designer, with his cute little ensembles and fun fabric choices. I also love his personality, especially when he was talking about resort wear (his idea of being on a resort was walking around in his underwear... I can totally relate) and when he made friends with Micheal C. and apologizing for being rude. He is just such a cutie pie.

I've seen photos of his fashion show online, but I can't wait to see his collection on Project Runway!

Here's what I came up with using Mondo as inspiration and Ella as my muse.

Ella is so literal, she wanted the two buns like this photo from his fashion show.

I tried...

The skirt came out exactly how I envisioned. After ripping off the style of the milkmaid skirt for last weeks challenge, I was anxious to make a real milkmaid skirt this week. I couldn't be happier about how it turned out... except that I drafted it for Lucy and like it better on Boos.

The shirt, on the other hand, did not come out as planned, but I still like it.
Originally, I planned on it being mostly the stripe- with the body of the T, the top of the sleeves and the binding on the neck all in stripes, then I was going to piece the bottom of the sleeves with the leopard and the houndstooth and applique this or this bow on the top of the T in the houndstooth.... but I was working with scraps.

and had a LOT less of the stripe than I thought.

That's what my Mom calls a 'design opportunity'. And it turned into what it is.
I like it. I'm happy.
Boos is happy. There is joy in this outfit.

and that is so Mondo.

Here is Lucy in it, too. She wanted in on the action, but preferred to wear her shirt backwards...???

I just love her little modeling poses.

I think there may be more Mondo inspired looks at our house.... even for me.

Who do you guys like from Project Runway this season? I know you all are watching, right.


crafterhours said...

I never knew the milkmaid could be so hip! (Is hip an appropriate word for 2010? I will assume you are from my generation and know that was a huge compliment.) The whole outfit is, well, totally hip! :)

Mrs.Fitz said...

What a fun outfit, both of the girls look adorable in it!

BConky said...

Love it. It is very Mondo. Lucy and her poses they are so cute. I really think she's ready for the Ford Agency. What a cutie pie. Tell Ella I love her double loop pony. She's funny.

Callen said...

Just found your blog... really love it!
These clothes are just too cute! They are very Mondo, I love his style!

Sabra said...

I love this so much! It is totally perfect. I can see the inspiration from Mondo, completely, but it also is so perfect for a little girl. LOVE!! Awesome job.