Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas dress #1- done!

Yup... you heard that right.
I just skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and made a Christmas dress.

We're already listening to carols and watching Elf, too.
I don't care.
I loathe people who don't believe in Christmas before Thanksgiving. I love it... even in the middle of the summer. I'm likely to be found watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, A Christmas story, or Twas The Night before Christmas in my shorts and in sweltering summer weather. Some people think that's weird.... I don't care.

When I saw this Rachel dress pattern by Sara Norris, it just said Christmas dress to me.

I really love the little details on this pattern. The pleating in the front, the big red sash, and the little covered buttons make it so cute!

And then we made this precious little headband to match, too. I love it.

So... Christmas dress #1 is done. Now to figure out what to do for Lucy's.

Do you guys enjoy Christmas activities all long... I know you do, Mom. :D


BConky said...

I really love it. Except Ella needs tights or socks- Yucky. I love the buttons but I would have made them all the same. I'm still old school- matchy matchy. Adorable.

BConky said...

I'm watching Flintstones Christmas. ha ha

Ellie Inspired said...

I hear ya girl! I have Ellie's Christmas dress done too! :) And we typically start sneaking out a few Christmas decorations out here and there early!

This dress turned out beautiful!e

Julia said...

Just finished Halloween costumes for the 6 grands. Next, it's Christmas clothing for what will be 7 grands by Thanksgiving. I know sorta what I'm doing for two of them, but not the others. This is really pretty! Will she wear a pretty cardigan with it since it's sleeveless?

Sara said...

Great job and thank you for posting!! Miss E looks darling , as usual!!!