Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafting with your kids week

Well... I had to participate.

but, I'm not sure it really counts, because we do that every week.

Anyways... here are some photos of the stuff we did.

Dusted off the Cricut machine and made some spooky Halloween stuff:

I really love how our light fixture turned out... and the kids loved standing on top the table to tape the bats on.

Decorated for Halloween:

I love how Ella set up the characters on the doll house... and used the tablecloth for a bed spread.

Of course, lots of baking going on:

Those roasted chick peas and white chocolate strawberries were devoured.
Really. I've never seen anything disappear so quickly.

Cutting up magazines= good fun!

Here's some real craftiness... go to Chick-fil-A and get icecream... and don't tell the boys.

Take the girls to pick out embroidery hoops.

So they can learn to stitch.
Lucy still needed a LOT of help- Ella was surprisingly good. And she LOVED it.

Then, of course, W wanted to stitch.
He made a Frankenstein stuffed guy.

Then we went outside and learned how to jump rope... William said I had to be in one of the pictures....

Lucy preferred snacking and listening to my MP3 player (Lady Gaga is her favorite)

We colored Halloween pictures and made a 'scary haunted house tent'

Then comes the biggest reward of all:


I have proof.


Kim said...

Wow! Is that all in one day? Even one weekend I would be worn out. lol Looks like ya'll had a blast. :)

Julia said...

I want to be your kid!!!!

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

My kids want to be your kids. You are the BEST MOM ever! You are really awesome. Thanks for sharing these, Nicole. Also, I have not forgot about your wonderful Mondo outfit--I'll be posting the last decade tomorrow!

Bolo heads said...

I am completly dumbfounded really all in onw week, along with all the other things that you normally do truly dumbfounded. And baking too. And shopping with your kids. I need to step up my game.

BConky said...

Watson I think we've discovered the weight gain problem. ha ha
I thought you told me I was the best Mom in the world????? I'm really impressed with thier stitching. Must be int he blood. Hurry to Texas.

catt410 said...

What is the big thick bread / cookies?