Thursday, October 7, 2010

For my sweet pumpkin- Simplicity 2572

Sophie... otherwise known as Ro Ro... needed a new fall outfit.

Actually... this is a picture of her room and closet... do you really think this kid needs more clothes???

I know.... but I just like to make clothes. Leave me alone.
She NEEDED this. :D

Here's little Lucy modeling the 12 months shirt and tiny pants- that look like capris.

This is the first time I've sewn anything out of minky and Lucy thinks it's AWESOME!!! She keeps getting it out and wrapping it around her and asking me to make a dress out of it.

She kept feeling the applique, too.

"It's so soft, Mom!"

"Will you make me one just like this?"

For the pants I used this pattern.

The shirt came from Wal-Mart and the applique is from Planet Applique. I'm pretty sure I bought every single one of the new designs she put out for Halloween....
The hair pretties are from Pickle Pie Designs, but I also made this bow to wear after Halloween.

and since Ella says, "Sophie LOVES HER TOYS!" every time she sees this photo.

We made her a little toy, too.

It's a FREE in the hoop file from Jesse Kate Designs. I just put in fiber fill and a little wrapping from my thread to crinkle instead of the beans.

Happy Fall Ro Ro! I'll get this in the mail soon!


Just Jo said...

Love it! And yes, she NEEDED it-she's a girl!

BConky said...

Those pants are so adorable. Love the whole outfit. To cute.

Chelsi said...

Sooo cute! I hope I have a girl someday so I can order all sorts of things from you! You make the CUTEST things!!

jellaan said...

Such a cute outfit!! Where did you get your minky?

Cennetta said...

She precious and no not to many clothes. It's love and princess "need" to be pampered. ;-)

Happy Together said...

Super cute outfit! And I say, a girl can always use more clothes :) lol. I think the pumpkin toy is really cute too!