Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Hooded Towels

So... I'm known to go overboard.

and I did it with the Halloween Hooded Towels.

But they were turning out so cute... I just kept making more and more.

It started with the black cat.

Then Frankenstein.

And don't ask me why I sewed the little bolts to his face instead of his neck... duh... I'm going to fix that shortly.

Then I did the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater. I love him.

Next came a werewolf, requested by William.

and what's Halloween without ghosts?

and jack-o-lanterns?

and then... my personal favorite- the vampire. Complete with cape and collar. I love that!

William loves it, too.
I know you're gonna be so mad at this undies picture, Mom... but it's just TOO cute not to include.

So what do you think of my Halloween Hooded towels?

They are a major hit at this Halloween House!

All of the designs are from Planet Applique but the ghost- he is a FREEBIE from Zippy Designz.

You can make these yourself using my hooded towel tutorial and a few adjustments.


ShirleyC said...

Those are all so cute!

Ellie Inspired said...

Each one is adorable! I don't blame you one bit for going "overboard". Each one is so unique and cute. And I was laughing my head off at the undies picture. :)

jellaan said...

OMG, those are SO cute!!! I LOVE them all!!! You are so creative!!

Anna said...

these are too adorable. my girls would love the black cat! :)

BConky said...


Jana M. said...

Those are so stinkin' cute!!!!!! I love the vampire one with the cape collar.

Mary said...

Very cute!

Sarah said...

I don't have any kids...or any kids to sew for...but I LOVE your blog and your adorable projects. Following you now just because I'm so impressed with your creativity and skills and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Christi said...

Did you make the towels or buy them?

Cole's Corner said...

Hi Christi- I made the towels.

AStarrA said...

Oh gosh so cute!!! I'll have to try to make a werewolf one for my daughter :)

scrapstuff12 said...

I love the tut, so easy to follow. Any chance you'd mind sharing how you fold them to look so nice? I spent 30 minutes last night and never got any where close to it looking like yours.

~amanda~ said...

I love these! I just made my son a hooded towel and I was trying my hardest to figure out how you folded them. I can't get it to look right. Would you mind doing a tutorial for folding them. I'd like to make some as gifts and the fold really makes them look giftable.

Anonymous said...

Please show us how to fold these! LOVE THEM!

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