Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Pajama doll

I have so many things I should be working on:
Halloween costumes, family requests, flower girl dresses, Judy's trousseau, baby shower gifts... the list goes on and on.

But sometimes I just want to make something else.
Something just for FUN.

That's what Lucy and I did together Friday night.

We took these adorable, too small Halloween jammies and cut them up into a doll.

The little cat on there is just so cute!

Perfect for this Jo Doll Pattern I bought and hadn't put together yet.

Lucy requested purple hair... which I thought was weird at first, but I really like it, now.

The little cat looks so cute on her dress.

And she wasn't complete without one of these sweet tags made from my digistitches file.

I'm so glad I took a break from everything else to put this together for Lucy.
She really loves her.

She named her Kitty.

They are fast friends already.

Lucy really loves the purple hair.

Singing her to sleep.

And falling asleep with Kitty in her arms.

It's so rewarding to make something that your kid loves.
These little Bit of Whimsy dolls are perfect for that.
I love buying these patterns and I love making these dolls.
Here's some others I've made.
*Doodle Girl for Alyssa
*Bumblebee for Lucy
*Fox for William
*Fox for Ella

My goal is to make one of these for each of the kids and nieces and nephews to go under the tree!

Oh... and I was a little worried about using the knit for the doll... but it worked fine. No worries.


BConky said...

Adorable Lucy loves it.

Jana M. said...

What a wonderful project. She's adorable! Your girls are so cute!

Terri Bowden said...

so cute, i've still never made any pjs for my girls! i need to though, any suggestions. also, i've been thinking...and i have decided that you, ella, and lucy need to come stay with me faith and lily for a week when zach is out of town! w and jerry can have boys week, doesn't that sound fun?! i know your aren't busy at all right now, and don't really have much to do these next few months ;). but it would seriously be SO much fun!

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

This is adorable!!! I really like it!!

New follower now;)

Chris said...

Little girls really love dressing up their dolls. It's also their way of expressing themselves at their young age. My lovely daughter also love dressing up her dolls. We either buy it or my wife just made doll clothes for 18 inch dolls . Even my daughter also started making clothes for her dolls. And she really enjoyed it!