Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween upcycle

I got a big box of hand me downs from a friend of mine and I just love hand me downs!
I've always loved them. I remember as a young girl getting them and it always made me so happy.

Some of the clothes were too big when we got the box a couple years ago, but now they fit and we've been going thru them.

Here is one dress we found that fits Boos.

She didn't really like it. She said, "It's too plain."
.... this from the girl who told me something was "too design-y" the other day.
Who knows how to please this girl....

Anyways, I decided to applique it for Halloween using this adorable bat and Frankengirl from Lynnie Pinnie.

I really LOVE the frankengirl. I think she is sooooo cute.

I let Boo's pick all the colors for the appliques. My kids love doing that.

Now we have a new upcycled Halloween dress!

I love it with these knee highs. (another Target after Halloween clearance item)

Boo's had to have her spider hair pretty- even though I wanted to make a new bow....

Yea for upcycling and for hand me downs! Thank you Jill.


Just Jo said...

Love the new appliques and those socks.... Kudos to you for upcycling-LOVE that, too!

BConky said...