Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Handy Manny Costume

Remember Alana?

Her little boy wanted to be Handy Manny for Halloween this year and he needed a shirt.
Easy. Easy.

It's just a tone on tone green raglan shirt.
So, I bought this pattern (which I've been wanting anyways) and used some knits that were already in my stash.

I'm so happy with how it came out. I made the entire thing on the regular sewing machine and just used a double needle for the hems. I always hem the bottoms and sleeves first before seaming them. I think it looks nicer.

There's a great tip in there for hemming knits, too. She suggests using steam a seam or heat and bond lite on the edge. It worked like a charm!!! My new favorite tip.

Then I decided he needed a trick or treat bag, too, so I made this little tote to go with it. I made it reversible, using this on one side:

the applique is from Planet Applique

and this Handy Manny fabric (from Hancocks) on the other side.

I think we did pretty good.
What do you think?

Isn't he the cutest thing! Hammering the pumpkins.... adorable.


jellaan said...

Love it!! He is adorable!! One of these days I'm going to attempt shirts!! :)

BConky said...

I thought you appliqued the tools on his shirt. The bag is adorable. Austin is a mini me Robert. Bittersweet.

Mrs.Fitz said...

So cute! You did a great job.

Julia said...


Amy said...

Oh my! Talk about cuteness overload!

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

So glad you liked the pattern!!! The end result couldn't be cuter - love it!!!!!!!

Adrianna Schuster said...

I'd like to buy a green shirt. Could you make me one?

Andrew Herrera said...

where did you find the red and white cap? I have been looking....