Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy Bean!

My little one turned 4 today.
well.... actually tonight she will...

We celebrated ALL day yesterday and so far all day today- which means I haven't started on the final 4 costumes I have to complete before Halloween.... :/
but she is a VERY happy birthday girl.

I whipped this outfit up this morning before we ran to Target for more Squinkees and lipstick. Apparantly, two very important things if you're four.

What up? I'm four.

and very sassy.

My favorite part of the outfit is the bows!!!

I've been dying to make some with these little cupcakes by ggdesigns.
Have I told you I love making bows?

I've had a few readers ask for a hair bow tutorial. I haven't forgotten. I will put one together soon.

I used this pattern for the tunic/dress and this applique for the front.

I'm known to pick up those $3.50 leggings at Wal-Mart all the time and then have nothing for the girls to pair with them.
I intentionally made the dress to pair with these leggings that Lucy loves.

I had to wash them first thing this morning. Birthday girl wore them yesterday and wanted to wear them again today.

Big sister had to wear her birthday outfit today, too.

That bucket is filled with Lucy's favorite birthday treasures and my MP3 player.

Happy Birthday tiny baby.
From this 10-25-06

to this 10-25- 10

I love you Lucy. I don't care if I baby you....


jellaan said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! Love the dress and the hair bows!!

ShirleyC said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You are a little doll!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! I love the ric rac trim on the dress-very cute!

Julia said...

What a cutie! Love the dress!

Mama Lusco said...

Such cutie-patooties! Happy birthday, little Lucy :)

BConky said...

Ella and Lucy look like they are three years apart instead of 14 months. Love the birthday dress.