Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Lovies for Little Lucy

I can't believe my baby will be 4 next week!
I just can't...

She is such a sweet and sassy little thing.
So much different from Boos and W. I've been asking her for weeks what she wants for her birthday and she is just so hard to get ideas from.

But when I saw this little lovey my Mom made for Sophie, I knew I had to make one for Lulu.

I, first, let Lucy choose her fabric- this took for-EVER.

First, she pulled all the fabrics off my shelf.... before I had a chance to hand her the minkys. She wanted all of them and she wanted a dress- which she draped herself to show me it would work....

She finally decided upon the pink and black and white leopard which I knew wouldn't look good.

It feels great... but you can't see the face.

So I talked her into choosing another fabric and she picked the orange and white scraps from Sophie's pants.


and Lucy is so cute with them. She really loves them.

She likes to look at them and rub them on her cheeks.

Make them kiss.

And pose by the pumpkin for their photo shoot.

So, that's all I have made for Lucy's birthday so far.

It's on Monday- so I guess I better get in gear.

All the minky is from


Julia said...

What cute little lovies!!

BConky said...

Lucy looks like a baby with her hair cut off. Cole and Grandma are naughty.