Friday, October 22, 2010

My Boo-tifiul kids

Remember these shirts I made last year?

They still fit!!! All of them! Score!
(links included in the old post for appliques)

But the girls needed some new bows... so I used these smiling ghosts from GGDesigns to make some new, improved bows for this year.

I just LOVE how they came out. I REALLY love those in the hoop hair thingies!

...and I love this picture of Boos kissing Lulu's head.

They are so sweet sometimes.

They were REALLY having fun at this photo shoot.

Unlike William, who thought he was gonna die because I made him quit playing the Wii for a minute to model.... "oh MOM!!!!"

Let's hope he does a little better modeling when I finish his Zorro Halloween costume. I got the fabrics for Ella's angel costume today (Thanks Mom!!!)
and Lucy still hasn't decided what she's gonna be....


BConky said...

STill cute this year. Like the new bows.Don't be so mean to William.

Julia said...

love the bows. The shirts are so cute. Two years! Wow!