Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Halloween Jammies

Well... my kids HAVE to have Halloween jammies. It's just part of our thing around here.

Since Lucy's from last year were too small, she was in need of a new pair.

I LOVE this new pair. I really LOVE them!

Just some simple leggings and a t-shirt. The legging fabric is from Hobby Lobby.

I used this adorable applique from Planet Applique.
(I told you I bought them all)
Lucy and I both fell in love with it at first sight.

It seems, though, Lucy just likes to look at these pajamas, but never wear them. Ella likes to wear them.... so, at least someone does.

The t-shirt is cut from an old Panther one that W grew out of. See the words at the top.

These jammas were so quick and fun to make. I really don't think I'll ever buy jammies from the store again.

How cute is this little pose?

and these silly munchkins....

MAN. I love them.

well... you know I couldn't just make new jammies for Lucy- so I'll show you Ella's tomorrow (I'm NOT in love with them) and I will make W's sometime this week, because it's Halloween week! Wooo Hooo

Keep an eye on Heidi's blog for a give-a-way I'm doing of my Halloween Hooded towels.


Just Jo said...

Love those PJ's, Nicole! Love that legging fabric...cannot wait to see Ella's!

BConky said...

I really love it. Lucy looks adorable.

megangorman said...

cute! i love those pjs! lucy's hair is short! but it looks cute!

Sheila said...

Super cute! I was going to do that same cat for my niece but realized I didn't have any gray fabric!! Now it's off to the fabric store to find some! =)

Sara said...

too cute!!! I love those "posin" girls!!! I bought those same appliques. Got the puppy and the kitty!!!

Mary said...

I love making jammies too. They're so quick and easy!