Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Owls for Grapes

So... I got to the 3rd favorite animal.
Alyssa requested cat, elephant, and owl shirts.

Of course, I had to make entire ensembles... what can I say?
It's just FUN!

This one was especially fun to make- because I love owls. Everyone loves owls right now. I love them because they remind me of my Granny. She would have loved this outfit! Owls and bright colors- two of her favorite things.

For the shirt, I used this FREE applique from Digistitches. I love it! Thanks so much Jennilee!

and you guys know I had to have these!!! They were actually so generously given to me from Gail at GGDesigns. Thank you so much Gail. I love them!
Check out all of her felt stitchies. They are SO cute and MAN! she is really knocking them out. She has so many new ones. If you haven't looked in a while, you really need to check out her site. Yup. I have the new monkeys and princess crowns and candy corns... my Mom bought them for me this morning! Yea!
And just yesterday I made the ghosts and pawprints... pictures soon, I promise.

The skirt was made using this tutorial. We are having a little skirt challenge over at sewforum... you should see all the beautiful versions of this skirt. Thank you Bridget for such a cute skirt tutorial.

I didn't change a thing- except adding the bow and attaching the waistband a little differently.

This is what I got when I asked Lucy to turn around and show me the back.... nice tights, huh.

She's so saucy.

I can't wait to see Grapes in this little outfit and hear her say "whoooo".


BConky said...

Lucy Grandma loves you, that's whoooooooooo.

Ellie Inspired said...

You are the best aunt EVAH! I bet they look forward to your presents all year long!