Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Halloween goodness

I've been swamped trying to finish up the Halloween costumes.
I do have two of them almost fully completed.
So, I'm no longer worried about getting them done.

I took a few minutes to stitch out one of these awesome Halloween labels by Embroitique.

How cool are these???
I just LOVE them.
I want to do more, but I'm lacking in the cool glass containers department. This one was actually housing my q-tips in the bathroom, which are now snuggled into a ziploc bag.

Aren't those little fangs in there cute!

I'm gonna have to stock up on those glass containers at Hobby Lobby when they go on sale, so that I can make a bunch of these for next Halloween.

I also made this little Boo Banner for the front door using Pickle Pie's new banner that hasn't even been released yet.
It stitched out so fast, I couldn't even believe it.

I needed something for the front door, since my favorite Halloween decoration has gone missing. I'm so devastated. How can you loose a wreath?

Here are some Halloween bows I made for the nieces.

The cute smiling candy corns are from GGDesigns.

Here's some pictures of them at the Pumpkin Patch! Aren't my nieces soooo cute?
I know.

I love these shots. Apparently, Alyssa wasn't gonna rest until she got adequate kisses from Sophie.

And this one is my REAL favorite photo.
I mean, how fun is the pumpkin patch? This is like the best time ever.

My Halloween Hooded Towel winner chose the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater. I love that one, too! I hope you enjoy your towel. We've had a blast with ours!

Here's some cool mummy dogs we made. Yum. Yum.

You just wrap some strips of crescent roll over the dogs and bake acoording to the tube. You can tell the ones the kids made..... :/

and that wraps up Halloween here... except for the costumes.
Maybe tomorrow.


BConky said...

Love the mummy dogs. I'm tired. I got the material to pleat but did one of the back pieces with pattern reversed arggggggggggg had to take it apart and remake it. What a bear.

Julia said...

Such cute pictures!! Makes me homesick for my grands!!!!

angie.a said...

So many cute pics. Happy Halloween!!