Friday, October 8, 2010

Speaking of Sophie.....

I thought I'd better finish up the blanket I've been working on for her since she was born.

Seriously. Since she was born.

My Mom had bought a bunch of minky and silk charmeuse to make her blankets and I was like... oh, Mom, you're so busy... let me take it home... I can make it so much faster.... sigh.....

8 months later... here it is. Finally.

and now I remember why I kept looking at it instead of working on it.
silk charmeuse + minky = super slinky and hard to work with....

ugh. The inside looks horrible. Trust me. I'm not being 'hard on myself'.
Plus, I am running out of thread and I had to use gray instead of that magenta.... so you can see all the mistakes. Not pretty.

But it feels like heaven!
I definitely wasn't getting any complaints from these two, whom, incidentally, want to steal everything I make for Sophie.

I can't wait to see that sweet, chubby, happy baby cuddled up in this blanket.

I used this applique frame and these new AWESOME applique letters from Lynnie Pinnie.

Blanket done! Better late than never. My Mom is gonna be so excited!


BConky said...

Mom is thrilled. I just love it to pieces. I know Megan and Sophie will love it. I can see Sophie rolling up inside it. Cute Cole.