Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Give-a-way to Kick off Christmas week!

Have you seen that little button on the right over there?
Come join the Christmas Party at the Ellie Inspired blog!
I'm doing a give-a-way over there and you only have today and tomorrow to enter!

Laura and I 'met' on sewforum and became fast internet friends. I have just recently had the pleasure of testing some of her awesome patterns and was so excited to do this give-a-way on her blog.

Lucky for you, I get a little carried away when I'm making something cute and lucky for me, another one of my internet sewing buddies, Jennilee, so kindly offered to donate a bunch of her embroidery files to the give-a-way cause!

...and after the give-a-way, my sad little etsy shop will finally have something in it. Though, I'm not really sure how long they will last in there. I think they came out pretty dang cute. My kids are already dying for some play food.

Guess what I'll be making for Christmas?

First, I started making the pot holders and mitts.
I LOVE how easy the thumb is to turn and get your hand into! I can even fit my hand in there... and if you know me well, you know I have gynormous hands. (yes... I've been watching ELF)

I got carried away and made 12 sets. yup. It took a long time. Especially since I decided each set needed an applique.

I let the kids pick which set they wanted... and was a little surprised by what they chose...

Lucy picked the pie set, Ella picked the strawberry cupcake set, and William chose the cooking bear set. I Love that fabric, but couldn't believe he picked that instead of the cowboy one.

So... then I started pairing each set with food. Fun, fun, fun. It was so hard to stop.

So for the give-a-way, you get to choose one of the nine sets here.

Set #1- Sweet Little Cupcake

This set features an applique from Lynnie Pinnie and the little cupcakes are made in the hoop by the Purple Hat (they're supposed to be a pin cushion... but... eh)

Set #2- Darling Donuts (This is my 2nd favorite set)

This set features an applique by Too Cute embroidery and the donuts are from The Purple Hat. Yummm.... I love donuts.

Set #3- Yee Haw Cowboy- I had to have something for the boys... but this was Lucy's favorite food. You should see her trying to hold that big hamburger.

This set features a cowboy applique from Planet Applique and an awesome cowboy meal of hamburger and fries from Digistitches.

Set #4- With a cherry on top

This retro inspired set features an applique from Lynnie Pinnie and some yummy, fun and super easy to make cherry filled cookies by Digistitches.

Set #5- Gingerbread Dreams

This set features an applique by Planet applique and some yummy, easy, all in the hoop gingerbread cookies by JesseKate Designs. The icing tube is from Digistitches and was a total favorite by all three of my kids. They were running around icing fighting each other.

Set #6- Cookies for Santa

This sweet set features an applique made to match that fabric (available at Hobby Lobby) by Lynnie Pinnie and some yummy Christmas cookies by Digistitches.
I did make these a tiny bit different from how it said to, though.

Set #7- Tea for Two... how sweet is this?

This set features an applique from Digistiches (Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a cute teapot applique??? I have.) and the cutest tea cookies, thumbprint cookies, and tea bags you've ever seen- all from Jennilee at Digistitches.

Set #8- Grandma's Gingerbread.... okay, you can see me getting carried away here.

This set features a pot holder by Sewing for Sarah with the little gingy face and some awesome gingerbread cookie dough and some cooked up gingerbread guys.
Note: Sorry, I can not find a link for the pot holder. Sewing for Sarah has some awesome stuff... but I hate navigating that site.
Note #2: I got that kids rolling pin at the Dollar Spot at Target last week.

and Set #9- My personal favorite, Lucy's Chocolates

I have to admit I was pretty sad Lucy didn't pick this set. I guess I will have to come to terms with the fact that she has no love for Lucy. :( Maybe with time....

anyways... This set features an I love Lucy applique and fussy cut Lucy tag along with some chocolates from Digistitches and one of those awesome icing tubes in Lucy's factory working colors- pink and grey! I love, love, love this set!

Now, tell me, tell me.... what is your favorite set?

and then..... go over to Laura's blog and leave a comment to enter to win and also, go follow her facebook page... and while you're at facebook- hey.... follow me, too, and Jennilee. Show us some love for Christmas.


Sheila said...

Ok...those are beyond amazing!! I have the potholder and mitt files and am about to do them for the first time this week! I am really excited now seeing all of your great stuff!!

BConky said...

Love them all. The cowboy and lucy sets are me favorites.

megangorman said...

haha i love them all... the hamburger is my favorite!

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

These are all so cute! How do you find the time to sew all of these and keep your blog up? I seem to be able to only do one or the other. :-) Great job!

JennyLyn said...

I love the playfood. I have been making some lately too. I think I am going to have to give the donuts a try. And that icing piping! Tooooo cute!!!

Joan and Kevin said...

I just love two for tea!

Mrs.Fitz said...

I so wanna come over and play house! Those sets are adorable!!!

The Young's said...

I love these! May have to order a few sets for Christmas presents...

My favorites are the tea set and the gingerbread one :-) So darned cute!