Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The cutest tiger I've ever seen

She woke up before sunrise on Halloween informing me of the date and ready to trick or treat. I told her that trick or treating was for Halloween night and she says.... "but it's DARK outside, MOM!"
...yes... it usually is at 5:30.... sigh....

But boy was she raring to go.
This is on our way to find a pumpkin to carve- with no luck.
She insisted on bringing her garage sale find basket to trick or treat in.
I told her she would probably get Easter eggs instead of candy... she didn't care.

Her costume was the easiest to make, with a combination of this pattern (a new favorite) and this tutorial from Dana.

The fabric is from Hancock's last year. I bought a bunch of it cause William was super into tigers. Remember these jammas- they still fit and he wore them on P.J day last week at school. They're the same ones he wore on pajama day last year.

Lucy loves the twirl of her dress with that circle skirt.

She would not allow me to 'jazz' it up at all. I kept asking her if I could put a tail or some cuffs or a white furry belly.... no. She just wanted a tiger dress...

and blue eyelashes.

What's a tiger without blue eyelashes and black finger nails?

This was one tired tiger at the end of the night... she's been eating candy ever since... and can't wait for next year when she's gonna be a princess for Halloween.

Here's some shots of Lucy on Halloween.

I'll show you Boo's tomorrow.
I have too many cute photos to do them all in one post.

And on a sad note: My sewing machine is broken. I have to send it back to singer.
(sad, pouting face here)


BConky said...

Cutest Tiger I've ever seen. Can't wait to see you all.

Julia said...


dana said...

oh it turned out great! That dress looks way to fun to wear. Thanks for sharing with me!
- dana

Sewing with Strings said...

I love the material and the action shot of her spinning! Nice job.