Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ella Bella Angel

Ella wanted to be a bride for Halloween again this year.... yes.
I'm so sick of making wedding dresses... so I told her she'd have to wear one of the bridal gowns she already had. So she decided on an angel.
A wedding dress jazzed up with wings and a halo... perfect for Ella and different enough for me to go for it.

Ella's costume was the most work, but surprisingly to me, got the least amount of compliments.
I guess it's just not a show stopper, but Ella and I were both really happy with it.

My favorite part is the sheer fabric with the silver sparkles on the top. (from Hobby Lobby)

Even though the back was scandalously low... at least she had those wings on.

Ella's favorite part was her make-up and eyelashes. Have you ever seen so many sparkles?

I used this pattern for the top- just straightening up the bottom of the bodice. It's one in my Mom's stash and I called her late one night to get her to scan the pattern pieces and send them to me. (Which is more work than it sounds like....thanks Mom!)

The bottom is two full widths of 60" satin and sparkle organza. I added the silver ric rac and cord around the waist later to make it more angelic and less bride.

Here she is flying...

and loving her angel shadow....

with baby sister...

and on Halloween...
(yes... I was a farmer)

Ella really got into Halloween this year, didn't puke for once, and actually didn't even get that tired, although.... after a few pieces of candy she said,
"Mom, I want to get undressed and crawl into bed with you and watch t.v. and then go to bed, do you?"

Yes. I did.
So, we showered, crawled in bed, watched Spongebob and fell asleep at 9:30.
It was awesome. Ella always goes to bed when she's tired.
Unlike my other two.


BConky said...

that back is pretty lowwwwwwwww. Ella looks beautiful as always.

Julia said...

She's beautiful!