Monday, November 8, 2010

Frankenstein outfit

I made this outfit for a former cheerleading squad member's daughter.
It was so fun to make.

I didn't think I was a fan of the Frankenfeet at first, but this outfit has changed my mind.

This is a size 2T Lucy is modeling... my tiny little Lucy.... and she was freezing outside... so she's a little less than happy in these shots.

She only asked for the shirt, but I just had to make a little skirt to go with it. Little girls skirts are so quick to make... and just FUN!

I added a little Franken scar to the patch on the skirt... that's my favorite part!

or maybe the bows on the shoes???

or the little patches on the shirt???

Then, she had to have a bow, of course.

I know... I get carried away.

Anyways.... look at what a cutie pie she is!

Yes... I still have more Halloween stuff to show you.
But I am working on other stuff- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the wedding, of course. I have two flower girl dresses down- 4 to go.


Jana M. said...

Awww that's adorable! I love the skirt.

BConky said...

Very cute. The skirt really adds to the outfit. Angie looks the same. Her little girl is a doll.

ShirleyC said...

The outfit is adorable. Please let Lucy wear shoes next time. We won't mind if they don't match. She's a doll.

Mary said...

Adorable outfit!