Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Last Halloween post!

Are you excited?
I just get really excited about Halloween!
We all pretty much do. No matter how old we are....

here's my cute cousin, Kourtney, as Quinn Fabray.

I didn't do much for this costume. I just embroidered the Cheerios part... but I was happy to help with it.

It's really easy to make a patch for someone like this.

I just embroidered the letters onto some non-fraying cheerleading fabric and then just ironed some steam a seam to the back and dropped it in the mail.
Then Kourtney (or her Mom) was able to iron it on the uniform, stitch around it, and then add some bling.

Isn't she cute.

And just for FUN- here's Sophie on Halloween.
She's getting so big.

Now- off to do a zillion things!


BConky said...

Wasn't Kourt a cutie. Sophie was pinkalishous.