Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mask of Zorro

William chooses his costume every year based on the weapon.
Swords have always been a favorite.

This year he chose Zorro.

It was fairly simple to do, especially since I didn't finish most of it.
I made the shirt using McCall's 5446, but I never got the eyelets put in.

The pants were from his ninja costume. I made the cape and the hat, gloves, mask, and sword were store bought. I added the gold to the hat and had plans to make a belt and boots... but never got it done. William was happy and got a ton of compliments on his costume.

Here he is at Sam's, riding his stallion and making Z slash marks with his sword.

As you can see, it's all about the sword:

Here he is fighting our new Frankenstein decoration (thanks Aunt Sherri!)

Fighting Lucy the tiger

and chopping off Daddy's head

He loves the sword so much, he didn't even want to carry his trick or treat bag because he couldn't 'really carry the bag and his sword'
I finally talked him into taking it.

I know I'm biased... but I think this is the handsomest Zorro alive.

What do you think?


BConky said...

The most handsom Zorro ever. He looks adorable times two.