Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The babies wedding dresses

okay. so here are the dresses for the babies- modeled by Lucy- so they look scandoulously short. That's just cause she is 4 modeling a 9 month and 18 month outfit..... :/

For grapes- I just cut out a simple a line and then pieced it with a strip of the print (that I ran out of), some of the eyelet and some bias.

I wasn't sure about it at first, but it grew on me.

I think it's because I was comparing it to Sophie's... which I REALLY love.

I used this tutorial as the inspiration, only I didn't ruffle the strips cause they were pretty enough on their own.

I LOVE how it came out.... except Sophie kept eating her bow.

Here's some funny pictures of Lucy wearing it.

blowing kisses!

and that wraps up the wedding.... I think.


McKay Family said...

I actually like it better than the other one! Just my opinion...but I LOVE that shade of green...probably why I prefer it!

Jana M. said...

All the dresses you made were just gorgeous! You did a beautiful job.

BConky said...

I liked them both. Lucy is so funny.

Mrs.Fitz said...

Those dresses are so sweet! I'm glad you showed up close pictures of them. I just love the lace. Who picked out the pattern, it's one I would never pick then when I see it used, I really love it. Does that make sense. I'm really not good with looking at a bolt of fabric and seeing the finished project. Lucy's too cute, she looks like a go-go dancer in those little dresses and white tights.

Shawn said...

Adorable! Did you use a pattern?

iveyc95 said...

I loooooooove it! I just now checked comments on my blog and found your link. Thank you so much! Your version of the ruffle front dress is absolutely adorable!!!!