Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cool T-shirt for William

So... I've been filling orders for my cousin's kids- just little appliqued, personalized t-shirts.

When I'm done with what I'm making, I always parade it around the house, fishing for compliments- I rarely get- so I typically call Mom and post it on the web. I mean, you guys get me, right?

But the last couple of shirts I made Wyatt really caught William's fancy.
And since they had just a W when he saw them, he thought they were for him.
Poor baby.

He was so disappointed and asked me,"How come you make Wyatt all those cool shirts with his name on it and not us?"

ugh.......... son.

I just have a thing about personalized clothes.
But I'm trying to get over it for my kids sake.
I mean, why don't I make them any personalized items.
Because I want to hand them down? I mean... the shirts don't even cost me more than $6 usually and they usually stain the crap out of them.

okay, son.

Here you go.

No. No name on the front, but check the back.

I figured someone else could still wear this one, but I hope W can wear it for a while. I LOoooooooove it!

I just love it.

The appliques are from Planet Applique- the football and the varsity font for the numbers.

The pattern for the shirt is the All the Rage Raglan pattern by Carla C. I just added the little sports stripes to one of the sleeves.

W is so cute when I give him stuff. He even stood out in the freezing cold to let me take pictures.

And again, in the blaring sun, so I could try to get a better one.

and look at this one... his little head tilt.... no one can deny he's mine.

It feels so good to make him so happy.
My little MVP.

More of these to come. He's so happy!


ByeByeSoccerMom said...

great idea. i love this!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Yeah William got a cool personalized shirt!!!! You're son is such a sweetheart.

jellaan said...

The shirt looks great!! I'm like you, I don't like to personalize my kids shirts. I hold onto all the stuff I make them in hopes that they will put them on their kids (if they have any :)). Plus, I don't like them wearing stuff with their names for safety reasons as well.

BConky said...

love it the stripes are so cute