Friday, December 10, 2010

Custom order outfits

Well.... you saw the shirts I made my cousin's kids.

But here is the whole custom order.

I used the Easy Fit Pants Pattern for the bottoms, but I added 1 inch to the top. I find that the rise isn't high enough if you have a booty. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby.

The shirt was made with Planet Applique's reindeer applique alphabet and I added the little bow and button to girly it up.

Then, a simple bow in Christmas colors!

The second request was for an owl outfit and I've been dying to make something out of this fabric from Hobby Lobby. I practically begged Hailey to choose it for her birthday outfit.

Well, I did make Lucy's crayon roll, but I mean... I've been wanting to make an outfit. So I was super excited to make this.

I love the bow; I just kept layering until it was super poofy!

I found this MTM applique from Stitch on Time for the shirt. Wooo hoooo!

I think someone should start marketing spoonflower fabrics with appliques. I love when they match perfectly.

The other request was for a kitty and I really wanted to use this one, but Allie liked the one I used for Lucy's kitty outfit.

I made this shirt to match the other pants, so that she could get more wear out of them.

I love how this outfit came out. I love the unusual color combination and the soft, soft fabrics I used on the kitty applique.

This is Ella telling me she was going to keep the outfit.
She really loved it.

She kept dancing around and being silly and telling me she wouldn't take it off.

Ella... it says Allie.

so, I promised to make her one... as long as she wears the pants and the bow!

Did I tell you Ella is starting to think she's too grown up for bows?
...yeah... at five.
I'm so sad, but I won't fight with her about it.
I just let her wear the stupid plain headbands and sulk privately.

or to you guys.... te he he.

I've got four pretty big custom orders left to fill before I can start making my Christmas gifts. It sounds like a bunch of you are in the same boat.
I hope to get a lot accomplished today. I'm really anxious to start working on some toys and doll clothes and Cookie Monster stuff!


Goosegirl said...

Darling!! And yeah, Ahnalin will barely tolerate hairbows anymore. She won't wear big clip bows but she will occasionally wear ribbons, though they never make it home in her hair after school. sigh.

BConky said...

Love the kitty best. All cute.

Mrs.Fitz said...

Cute, cute outfits! Tell Ella, you're never too old for bows!!!!

jellaan said...

I think us moms like hair bows more than the little girls do! LOL!! My 3 year sometimes refuses to wear bows, but I get them in her hair most days!! :) Love the outfits.... I have that owl fabric and have been dying to make something out of it too! Maybe after the holidays. Yes, I'm in the same boat as you. I have several orders still to finish as well! Can't wait to get started on Christmas presents, baking and decorating (haven't even begun any of them!!). Good luck!! :)