Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Custom order t-shirts and more

Embroidered t's are so great!

I used to HATE... I mean REALLY hate embroidering rtw, but now that I've practiced and learned how to do it correctly, I really LOVE making them!

Look how cute these ones came out.
This one got a little be-dazzle! I LOVE this Snowman applique from Planet Applique.

And how cute are the little snowman felt stitchies!

This applique is from Lynnie Pinnie! How cute... so cute that Planet Applique and Digistitches also have one available.

Digistitches even has these sweet reindeer snap clip designs.

A very traditional red and green Santa from Lynnie Pinnie!

A little present to go with this one!

This little one was made for Thanksgiving, of course, but I LOVE it.

but I don't love it as much as this little turkey felt stitchie!

A little crayon holder for her, too.

This in the hoop file is by Pickle Pie designs. It is the BEST one in my opinion... cause it's made for the 5X7 hoop!

And a hooded towel, too. For this one I used the Sweet Varsity Alphabet without the little part in the middle.

The whole order:


Kimberlee said...

Those T-Shirts came out great! I did one for Ms. Diva, and I refuse to take a head-on shot of it. It came out a 'little' crooked, LOL!

Amanda S. said...

Gosh, you make the cutest stuff for kids!!! I always love seeing your new creations!

BConky said...

Nicole I was so excited you made some stuff for Lucy and then when I got to the third shirt I saw they had Dillion on them. I love the pink snowman and the reindeer. So very cute. Now make Lucy some just for her to keep. And make Ella the pink snowman she would love it.

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

We just put two unopened "bedazzlers" out in the donate pile. I think you've convinced me to bring them back in ...LOL

Thanks so much for sharing all your pics and links. I'm constantly getting new ideas from you.

Just Jo said...

Very, very cute! Love embellishing RTW-quick and easy! Bedazzler-I think my Mom has one....