Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall acorn outfits

Speaking of projects I make and forget to post....

Here are some outfits I made a while back and never had a chance to put on the blog.
I just love how they came out, though, and had to share them with you.

Acorn outfits for these little nuts...

They started with these appliques from Planet Applique- you guys know I am addicted to getting those 'free' alphabets. What a marketing ploy! It gets me all the time.

Then... I had to add some matching bows, using this acorn hair pretty by Pickle Pie Designs.

Then I made some skirts using this tutorial, since I liked how Alyssa's came out so much.
I still like Alyssa's better.
I was running low on fabrics, so the waistband is narrower than I would like it to be and I think Ella's is a little long, too.

I've had this acorn corduroy fabric in my stash for a while, but it was just perfect for this skirt! I wanted to add a squirrel and this is my favorite squirrel applique out there.

Ella wanted a different squirrel and chose this one from Planet Applique. I'm not really a fan of this one, because it doesn't have a smile. You guys know me, I like smiles.

But overall... I like these outfits and the girls really love them.
Check out these little poses!

oh.... and if you came over looking for the 'How to applique Ready To Wear T-shirts'- it's coming soon. I will be working on it today.


jellaan said...

These outfits turned out so cute!! Love the little squirrel with the smiling face from Lynnie Pinnie!!

In regards to your question on the Beautiful Dreamer I made for Madeline, the back is according to directions. It just looks like it is bussled (sp?) because she is sitting on the edge of the fireplace. For the ruffle, I think I just added 3 strip 4" wide. If you want more detail, you can e-mail me....fighting the flu, so I don't have the energy to figure out exactly what I did at this moment.

Terri Bowden said...

oh my gosh i love love love LOVE these outfits so much! ah i never even saw those acorns. SO freakin cute.

BConky said...

I wish I would have seen the skirts when you all where here. Very cute.

Mary said...

Those outfits are CUTE! I think I might have to try out that skirt pattern. :)