Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flower girl dresses

You thought I'd never show you, huh?

It just gets so crazy around here.
But here they are... finally.

I have to be honest, I wasn't really sure about my little sisters vision for the flower girl dresses... but I loved them in the end.

She chose this really simple pattern from YCMT.com. Really- I made these dresses so quick.

I was worried, too, that the other little ones might be jealous of Ella's dress because it was made out of this gorgeous shiny eyelet- but they didn't care one bit.

Lucy LOVED her dress- even though it was WAY too small in the bodice. I made hers first and then adjusted the sizes after that. She had little marks on her arms where it was cutting her.

This is her little John Travolta pose, I guess.
I just had to include it....

The back. I love the look with all the elastic.

We played with different sashes and finally agreed that white satin looked the best.... but then I forgot to take it to the church, so we used some light blue that I had in my bag.

I love when Lulu arches her back like that when she's modeling.

You'll have to excuse the bad photos of Ella's... this is all I have.

Ella ADORES her dress, of course, it's white and shiny and lacey and full... so, what else could a girl want?

We added a sash that I made out of the print, but I don't think I have a picture of it....

well... here's the only one I can find and the sash isn't even in the right spot.
Oh well.

Isn't he the cutest little ring bearer?

Here's the pillow I made for him to hold.

It's my favorite thing that I made for the wedding.

I just merged a bunch of designs and added the print on the back of the pillow.

I used this tree from Lynnie Pinnie and these felt stitchies (not just for hair) from ggdesigns!

I'll show you the dresses I made the babies tomorrow!


Mama Lusco said...

Simply darling. The pillow rocks, too!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Small in the bodice? Well I guess she's a Holbrook! Those dresses are awesome!

Malise said...

The pillow is adorable. Where did you ge the "i do" font from? I love it.

BConky said...

Annie is funny. Holbrook ha ha
All the girls were adorable.

BConky said...

Opps meant Holbrooks

Julia said...

Love these dresses and it's obvious the little girls did too!!! You have been busy!

angie.a said...

They are all beautiful! I LOVE the idea of the print, long dresses for the flower girls. Very cute and very chic! I actually would wear that dress (not that anyone would want to see me do so. I'm just sayin.)

Matt said...

I have been requested to look after the fg dress selection for the flower girls on my friend's wedding. when it comes to first holy communion or junior bridesmaid or flower girl dresses, majorities choice goes to either black and white and that too in plain but not in any designs. of course, these b&w look gorgeous. green fg dress is looking great here. I can think of trying this green model for the fg's.

how about DIY??? I think, for now I shouldn't think for DIY because of shortage of time. may be for now I have to pick from a flower girl dresses store.