Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I made it!

Most of you guessed that the Danny skirt was my audition project for SYTYC...
You were right.

It's so hard to hide those sassy little poses.

I came in third- which I was THRILLED about- even though my husband kept telling me that if 'I'm not first, I'm last'.... wow.... really? quoting Ricky Bobby?

I have to thank my little sister Megan for making all these cool collages with my photos. She did it on picnik which is free and really cool. I've since used it a couple times. Thanks Megan!!!
And also to my Mom, who made the skirt that inspired this look. Thanks Mom!!!

It's one of the first things I can remember LOVING that she made me- one of the first grown up looking things. She made it for me in the third grade and I was in LOVE with this boy named Danny Decker. I was so happy to have this 'grown up', sassy skirt. ha. Even though he never liked me- despite my great fashion sense.

None of these are complete replicas but rather mine was made out of pastel stripes... and I'm not even really sure what the back looked like... man I wish I had a picture of it. I can't find one.
But I did find this photo of Danny in high school. I was over the crush by the 4th grade- then it was all about Shelby Walker but anyways.....
just so you can see how cute he is, here's the photo I found.

When it came to me to re-create this skirt, I just couldn't pin point the 'right' fabric to use... so I got a little carried away and made 5 of them.
Yes. You know I get carried away sometimes.

The first one I made for Sophie- so it's a little short on Lucy.

Then Lucy wanted one, so I made an owl one- but wasn't happy about the fabrics not matching perfectly.

I do love the pocket on the front, though... who says it just has to be a party on the back?

Then came the idea for the Marilyn Monroe, Barbie look a like. Boo's favorite, of course.

I love the button on the front of this one, too. It was to cover up a little spot I tore the fabric on accident. Whoopsie.... design opportunity.

Then since I liked the corduroy versions, I made another cord version for Boo's adding the satin she loves so much. I really love this one.

And lastly, I decided to try one out in knit- Lucy's favorite.

So.... I don't have to do a tutorial on these guys, since I didn't win, but I'd be glad to if you guys want to try out one of these skirts.

Tutorials take a long time to put together- so I have to have at least 10 comments/emails to do one.

Sorry... but I don't want to be talking to myself or waste all the time taking and fixing up the pictures for nothing.

It's super easy to make- most of you could figure it out without a tutorial, but just let me know if you want one and I'll do it.

And... thank you so much if you voted for me. I'm really excited and honored to be a part of SYTYC. I've found so many great blogs by following this competition online.
I hope you guys will come over there and check out some of the great things on there and continue to vote (for me) throughout the season. :)


jellaan said...

Cute skirts!!! I figured those were yours and voted for them! :)

If you have enough interest a tutorial would be great, although I'm sure I can figure it out on my own as well! :)

Mindy Rhae said...

I would LOVE a tute. Those are so. darn. cute. =O)

clgsb88 said...

You are so talented! I would love a tutorial on the skirts.

BConky said...

Hi Cole only 8 more days until Texas Time.

doreen said...

I love the skirts, I have a 8 yr. old granddaughter that would love it, I'd love to know how you made them

Tammyt said...

Oh I would LOVE the pattern. I am always so envious of you testing patterns, as I only buy patterns when they are .99 at Joann's. I need some patterns to use up the attic FULL of fabric before my husband throws it out!

marcia said...

I would love to have a tutorial on your darling 'Danny' skirt. Luv all the variations of fabrics you used! So talented, I think you should have got the #1 rating.

Mama Lusco said...

yeah! Congrats, I'll be following on SYTYC. If you had time, I'd love to see the measurements you used for the back semi-circle. It could be a mini-tute to add to our favorite skirt pattern. :)

Kimberlee said...

Awesome Skirt!!!!! Now that Ms. Diva has officially decided to like walking, i can make skirts!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberlee said...

Awesome Skirt!!!!! Now that Ms. Diva has officially decided to like walking, i can make skirts!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Together said...

Cute cute cute! And congrats :)

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

Congrats on making Season 6 - - I had tons of fun in Season 5. I'm your newest follower!