Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm so proud of me.

Every year, for several years now... I've had big plans of making matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family.

I never get it done.

My aunt Sherri bought these ones for us a few years back and I just LOVED them. Jerry and I wore the pants to bits.

oh... and just stroll down memory lane with me for a bit...

okay. Enough of that, I'm broody enough already.

And then my Mom got us these adorable ones from Wal-Mart. The kids have worn these for the past three years. We all love them.

But I am DETERMINED to make some new ones for us this year!

at my last visit to JoAnn's, they had their Christmas flannel 60% off. I don't know why??? It was crazy! But I got all they had left of one of the prints with the most on it for like $2 a yard. woooo hooooo
Mr. Cole thinks it's a little 'girly'... but he agreed to wear them anyways. :D
He's so good.

and handsome.

Okay. So- to the proud part.
I got almost all the pajamas cut out last night!

Easy Fit Pants for William- my trusty pattern.
Easy Fit Pants for me and Mr. Cole- first time using this pattern. I'm a little worried about the rise being the same for me.... baby got back, ya know.
Beautiful Dreamer for Ella and Lucy.
Have you seen this new pattern from Ellie Inspired?
It's so cute! And I was in desperate need of a new go-to nightgown.
Butterick 4910 is falling apart... not to mention, I'm pretty sick of making it.

Anyways.... so. Cutting these out last night made me remember that I hadn't even posted the Beautiful Dreamer I made for Ella.

There are so many projects I forget to post.... sigh.

Anyways, I heart, heart, heart this nightgown!

And it is a TOTAL hit with Ella.

You know she loves the length and the fullness of the skirt.

I love the square neckline and the room for embroidery on the bodice.

I've had this applique for a while, but kept forgetting about it. Isn't it cute?

I think it's just perfect for this fabric. I love this fabric! It was in my stash, so all I had to run out and get were these little star buttons.
I love the way they look, but MAN! they are pointy.

So, that's my Beautiful Dreamer. You can see other ones made by the testers here.
I really LOVE all the Christmasy ones!
I don't see the pattern for sale in Laura's shop, yet, but I'll be sure to post a link for ya'll when it's up!

Have you made any matching pajamas? Or any Christmas pajamas?
I'd love to see them!
Link them up here!


jellaan said...

I've said the same thing for years and never get around to making matching pjs! This year I've got the fabric and my daughter's nightgown made with Beautiful Dreamer as well(see my blog for pictures, I got my fabric from Chez Ami. The boys are getting pants....I curious to hear how you like the Easy Fit Pants for Adults!! Not sure if I'm going to make myself a nightgown or just pants. I LOVE the Beautiful Dreamer you made for Ella and that design! Love it!!

ShirleyC said...

The gown is darling. You must live in a fabric store?
I tried to link up, but it didn't work for some reason. I think you saw mine, but I was going to share my link. Oh well, they are on my blog.

Mama Lusco said...

How fun to have matching PJ's! I'm totally jealous of your fabric stash....that's amazing!! Good luck with all the holiday sewing :)