Friday, December 17, 2010

My bridesmaid gift

well.... since I've been showing you all the wedding stuff this week, I decided I would show you my bridesmaid gift from my little sister.

I really LOVE it.

Judy painted it for me and even put this sweet message on the back.

It goes so good with my other owl painting (from Target.)
and yes... this is above my bed in our bedroom.

We're not much on decorating.
Here's the other wall in our bedroom.

That's just how it is around here.
And I love it.

Thank you Judy. :)


BConky said...

I didn't see the back. How sweet. How Judy.

JennyLyn said...

I love your home decor! AS I am staring at a colored witch on my wall that should have come down at least a month ago. hehehe I am glad to know someone else lives with kids and lets them live there!

silly eagle books said...

I love it! So colorful and every piece must make you smile. It's not a far cry off ours--since we just stick them to the door without frames--easier to change out that way! Thanks for sharing. :)

Dana Lynne said...

this is me creepin' on your blog...i'll admit, i was first looking for the thing i just msgd you about on FB, clicked on the label "family," saw this, and i LOVE! your home decor is awesome. it's real. you're such an inspiration - your ability to do it all and to still seem so sweet and sane, with kiddos that appear to be equally sweet! Anyhoo, love the decor, love your stuff!!! <3