Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving T's

I know... I know... it's so late, but I still want to post them.

I was supposed to make one for each of the kids.
Lucy picked a girly turkey, Ella picked the heart pumpkin and William picked the turkey with the pilgrim hat.
But I just couldn't get it done.
The girls didn't care. They wore these dresses from last year that still fit... and we all still love them.

But William was upset that he didn't have anything special to wear. So, I started making his Thanksgiving morning before we were set to leave to see Tangled. (which we all really loved)

Here we are at the movie theater- do we look like a day care or what?

I only got half of it done before we left, so Grandma finished it up for me.
Isn't she sweet!
William was so excited!

I just love that he still likes me to make things for him- even though I forget sometimes.

And here are some I made for my cousin's kids.
I'm so happy with how they turned out.

This one has Pickle Pie's Tom Turkey on it

with a matching Tom Turkey hair pretty of course.

I just love these little hair thingies!

Here's Allie sporting it on Thanksgiving and coloring away.

For her brother, we used the gobble alphabet. I LOVE this applique!

Megan put one on Sophie's Thanksgiving shirt, too.

William wasn't really keen about putting the Wii game on hold for the photo shoot.

Or about the fact that I make 'cool' shirts for Wyatt with his name on it....

so guess who just got a new shirt with his name on it?

I made it yesterday and I'll show it to you tomorrow.
I actually love it...even though I'm somewhat against shirts with names on them.


BConky said...

love them all

Anonymous said...

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