Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toys and stuff

I made these little toys for my cousin a while ago.
I love making sweet baby toys out of soft fabrics.

This sweet baby bunting doll by Pickle Pie designs is great, because you can customize the hair color and there's plenty of room for a name.

Sewing for Sarah also has an incredible selection of baby toys. It's worth going thru the website to find some.

I don't know how many times I've used this Deluxe Kitty Softie file. It's the perfect UK wildcat! I love it so much.

And I loved Lucy's kitty lovies so much, I decided to throw one of these teddy lovies in for Xavier as a surprise.

oh... and speaking of stuff I made back in October....

Here is the trick or treat bag I made Hailey to go with her Sleeping Beauty costume.

I used this crown from Planet Applique and the french cafe font for her name. I love that font!
The fabric for the crown was leftover from the flower girl dresses from Megan's wedding.

I guess I should post the flower girl dresses from Judy's wedding....

Anyways... I've been thinking about toys with Christmas coming up because
I have two sweet baby to make toys for.

Thing one

and thing two

Aren't they the cutest?
I know.

And I have these guys, too.

and of course, I haven't even started on the handmade gifts.... uh.
How many days left before Christmas???


jellaan said...

Not enough days before Christmas!! I'm trying to finish up Christmas orders so I can move onto Christmas gifts and Christmas pjs!! Good luck!!

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

There arene't near enough days left until Christmas. I still don't have all my decorating done and am still working on orders, so I have yet to start on my personal sewing and embroidery projects. Stopped taking orders yesterday, so there is a light at the end of the tunnell. Hope to have all the orders done by the end of this week and have two weeks left to work on everything else.

Mrs.Fitz said...

We love the softies!!!! I gave Timothy the wildcat for his first birthday. I'm not sure if you did this on purpose or not but, the wildcat you made for Xavier has a blue outfit and the one for Timothy has a white outfit. We joked that one's the away uniform and one's the home uniform. They are just perfect!

BConky said...

Only one week to go