Monday, January 31, 2011

From Sheet to Sweet

Have you voted over at SYTYC this week?

Did you guys vote for me last week?
There were so many good submissions! I'm just blown away at this competition.
I thought I might go home last week.... eek.
Mom said (and many others) that my workout attire was too scandalous and immodest.
Sorry guys if I offended anyone.

I wear sports bras at home to work out. I always have. What can I say?
I was a cheerleader.
So, my girls love them. shrug.

Anyways... it was so fun to make these for the girls and thank you so much if you voted for me!

I LOVE working with knits and I love trying new patterns and techniques.
These knit sheet sets are great for practicing. They are REALLY cheap for how much fabric is in there and I see them on sale ALL the time. BUY SOME! You can try all sorts of patterns and make muslins for clothes for yourself without feeling guilty if you mess up.

I used Jalie 2563 for the top. This is the first Jalie pattern I have purchased myself and MAN! I love it. They are more expensive, but you get all those sizes. It's really great.

For the pants I used the igrow pants pattern. These are the first pants I've made the girls and I LOVE them! I have to add a BUNCH of length, even for Lucy- but that was a super quick fix. I added this new Valentine monogram on the end of the pants legs, but merged the file to say 'TC' for The Colony (my hometown).

Then, you know they had to have matching TC bows! For those, I used this paw print from GGDesigns!

I love this picture of the girls from behind.
Check out Lucy's massive wedgie... or wee-G (as she calls it)

I'm still cracking up over that wedge.

okay... okay.
So... we had a LOT of fun with this photo shoot.
It was snowing the day we had to model, so the girls were freezing outside.
I would make them jump up and down in the house to get warm and then RUN outside to get a few shots and run back in. It was pretty hilarious.

Then I kept having them jump outside, too.
I love some of these shots we got.

They were actually jumping pretty high.
I guess you do that when you're outside in the freezing cold snow in a sports bra.

These workout outfits for my girls went together so quickly!
I'm so pleased with how they came out.

Now, don't forget to go vote for this week's challenge: Game Day!
Can you tell which one is mine?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sale Ending today

Just thought I'd let you guys know of a GREAT sale going on today over at Atlanta Thread Supply. All Maxi Lock Serger threads for $1.75!

This is my last order from them, but I just got a bunch of those serger threads, too.

Which is awesome because I'm taking a Serger class on Pattern Review and I have learned so much already!

Look what I got working this morning: my rolled hem....

I'm so excited!
REALLY! I keep showing everyone in the family and they're not getting excited....
please get excited for me!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

William spends his Christmas money

He's been begging us since.... well, since he got it, to spend his Christmas money.

I couldn't be happier about what he picked out!

He asked Jerry to take him Barnes and Noble and spent every dollar he had on books.
(Mom is swelling with pride)

I am a book hound. I always have been. At one point in my adolescence I had read every book in the youth section of our small home town library. That's when I moved on to the adult section. You don't know how many of my classmates made fun of me for carrying around Gone with the Wind in the 6th grade.
shrug. I didn't care. I loved that book. I still do.

Anyways... I digress.
I'm so glad that William is turning into a book hound, too.

Now, I must admit that his choice in books lacks something to be desired... to me at least.
Spiderman, Iron Man, MegaMind, Spongebob Squarepants... blah blah....

But that's half the fun, right; picking out what YOU want to read is FUN!
Plus, "this one has tattoos!"

"Now stop taking pictures Mom. I have a bunch of books to read."

Just one more because he's so cute.

Thank you for the Christmas money Nannie!

Friday, January 28, 2011

What my kids are wearing...

Remember when I told you my kids weren't the best dressed.
That they are usually donning old, tattered dress up dresses....

Well... here's some better evidence.

Check these kids out.

So... I told Ella is was time to get rid of this one, but she was able to fix it.

Nothing a little hair clip can't fix....

Then we come to Lucy's.

I don't know if there has ever been a dress this loved.

I think it's time for some new dress up dresses at our house.
What do you think?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crayon holders are Fun!

I'm working on some baby shower gifts right now, but the whole set isn't done yet...
so I thought I'd show you these adorable crayon rolls I made for Christmas.

I used this file from Pickle Pie Designs- which is awesome because it's made in the 5X7 hoop! yea!

I used this small font to put the names on there in Embird.

Tied up and ready to go!

Did you guys know that Lisa is about to open a whole new website?
Go sign up on her blog to receive her newsletters and be notified when the new website launches!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lil Sis Ensemble

I had the great opportunity to test this adorable pattern for Sara Norris this week.

I love the look of it with all the heirloom laces, but I just could not find any in town, so I made mine out of fabrics!

Isn't it cute!?
I just LOVE how it turned out.

Then... I got carried away and decided it needed an outfit to go with it.
So, I emailed some of my girlfriends who just had babies and told them that the first person to email me their babies measurements won the whole sh-bang.

My (sister's) sister in law emailed promptly and picked out this lil sis design from Planet Applique. I don't have that one, so I just used the Valentine Applique set to say lil sis (which is sooo much cuter cause it has the hearts on the i's!)

Here's the back with my little tag on it. :)
I love my tags.

I had the hardest time deciding which buttons to put on this dress.
I didn't have any animal print or covered buttons, so I had to use what's in my stash... which is quite a few...

I don't know how you can have that many buttons and have none that look perfect.
So... anyways... I posted a poll on sewforum and on my facebook page and the results were almost overwhelmingly for the black. So, I went with those.
Thank you to everyone who helped me decide!

I just organized my buttons like that after seeing this post!
I'm so happy with them. Thank you for the great idea LeAnne!

I made this little outfit for my sister to give Hannah Kate, too, and I really wanted to make these little shoes to go with it... but decided that it was ridiculous.

but..... then my Mom made these little boots for Sophie from the same pattern and I knew I would fall over and drop dead if I didn't make some... immediately.

So, I made these!
(enter excited squeal here!)

You guys don't know about my love affair with baby shoes... because I've only shown these shoes that I've made.... but let me tell you Ella had about 25 pairs of size 4 shoes.
No. I'm not kidding. I don't know what it is about tiny shoes?... I just LOVE them!

These are no exception. I REALLY love them.
Lucy wanted to know if 'they were for her Barbie'.
I wanted to beg Jerry for more babies.... sigh.

I said no to Lucy. Mr. Cole said no to me. :(
So I guess this is all getting shipped off to Miss Hannah Kate.
I can't wait to see pictures of her in it!!!

Is it crazy that I had to make that whole thing just to go with one accessory?
shrug... eh.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Tips- Make your own bias tape

It's been a while since I did a Tuesday's Tip.

So, today I've got something that will knock your socks off!
(if you've never seen it before)
A big thank you goes out to Barbara Fraser for teaching me this cool trick.

I bought myself one of these for Christmas and I just LOVE it!
I have already used it so many times.

Bias tape just jazzes up an outfit so beautifully.

It's so great for so many things! I love how it adds that extra POP!

It also looks great as a binding on a blanket, burp rags, or bibs.

With just a fat quarter you can make almost 5 yards of bias tape in your choice of fabrics! wooo hooo!

Okay- so 1st gather your materials:
1. fabric- cut into a fat quarter or 18X18 inches
2. pencil or marking tool
3. ruler
4. bias tape maker (this kind or this kind)
I've used both, but if you're going to make bias tape a lot- you'll love the machine
5. iron

Okay. Let's get started.
Lay out your fabric- make sure it's been pressed.

Cut a line directly bias thru the entire piece of fabric. Now you have piece A and B.

Move piece B over so that the fabric edges on grain are together.
so the selvage edge and the other side of the half... does that make sense?

Then flip that piece over and put right sides together.

Take it to the machine and stitch in a 1/4 seam all the way down.
I always use my quarter inch foot for this.

Go iron the seam and press the seam allowances open. This is very important- it won't glide thru the bias tape maker if your seams are wonky.

Now lay your fabric, right side down and mark two inches (or however wide) from the bias edge. VERY important!!! If you mark from the straight grain edge- you will end up with binding- not bias.

Continue marking two inches (on the bias) all the way down your fabric.

When you get done, you will probably have a little uneven edge. Cut that off.

Now you are going to fashion your fabric into a 'tube' using the pencil lines as guides for lining it up.

Make sure you leave a tail at the beginning and end of your 'tube'.
I use quotations because it's a very wonky tube. You'll see when you make one.

Once you have all the lines lined up and pinned- go to your machine and stitch that in a 1/4 seam taking out the pins as you stitch.

Press your seams again opening out the seam allowance.

This is difficult to do without a cool sleeve press like this, but it can be done. Just work slowly and in sections until it's all ironed open.

Now, starting at one of your tails, cut thru the entire tube at your pencil markings.

Then you'll have a big strip of bias like this.

Use your bias tape maker of choice to finish making the tape.
Here's my preferred method.

Roll the bias strip onto the roller and using a pin- guide the fabric thru the foot.

Remove the cover to the iron part and pull the bias all the way thru.

Replace the cover and press go.
Make sure you pull slightly on the strips coming out- to help guide the parts that are seamed.

Press in half making one side a scant shorter than the other.

And there you have it- about 5 yards of beautiful bias tape!

Then go make a project!

I've used knits and satins and gingham and cottons all with AWESOME results on this machine! Have I convinced you to buy one yet???