Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another blanket for Judy to gift

This one was easier, still fun to make and adorable.
I just love this flannel.

The applique is from Designs by Juju's Barnyard Buddies set. I've always loved those appliques!

I make my blankets with a yard and a quarter of flannel and fleece - to make a perfect square.

My kids still use their blankets like this from when they were babies... although, they're getting a little small for W.

A few more things to make for my little sister and then it's on to my SYTYC project for next week; If I make it thru..... If you haven't voted this week, please go vote.
I can't tell you which one is mine, but I can tell you that I REALLY need your votes. I thought it had to be a craft kids can do... not crafts for kids. :/


Glenys said...

They are really pretty.

BConky said...


Janay said...

Adorable! That DBJJ set is a perfect match for the flannel!

Sheila said...

super cute blanket!! And I voted..I hope it was for you!!