Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Snow Day

I've got a happy son.
I've got a happy husband.
I've got a family full of people dreaming for another snow day tomorrow.

It was fun!

Here's what I did on the snowday:

It's a little outfit for my sister to give to her niece.

The onesie has this new heart argyle applique on it. Isn't it cute!!!?

The diaper cover was made using this pattern. I've made this twice before and I just always think they're so cute.

I just added the big bow to the back

and the little buttons to the front.

Then I made this little korker bow with little buttons on it, too.
I used these instructions to make the ribbons like that.

And do you know what???
This outfit is so much cuter in person.

Maybe I shouldn't have used that pink minkee in the background.
And another thing.... how do you spell minky?


camcraftymom said...

I have that ruffled diaper cover pattern on my wish list. I may have to buy it now- I have 4 friends with babes on the way. Yours came out really cute!

BConky said...

So cute. HOpe you get another snow day.

Chelsi said...

SO cute! I can't wait to have you make something for my little girl! I just have to decide what I want to order!!

Jana M. said...

This outfit is so cute! I cannot wait to see what all you create with your new ruffler foot! I just love mine.