Monday, January 24, 2011

Cozy Car Seat Blanket

I made it thru another week on So You Think You're Crafty. Yea!
Did you guys guess that this one was mine?

This car seat blanket is BIG, COZY, WARM, cute... and surprisingly easy to make.

Which is a good thing, since I only made one.
... but I have more kids, if you know what I mean...
there will be more of these made in the near future.

Then they'll all be saying, "I love my new blanket!"

instead of, "Why does she get one and not me?!"

Here's Ella wishing it was hers.

I've since ordered the fabric for hers and I think it's gonna be really cute,
but I'll have to wait to order William's.
These car seat blankets are not cheap to make!

They are easy, though.
I sewed ties on the top of the blanket so that I could secure it to the back of the car seat.

Huge 'buttonholes' make it possible to sit in the seat and still put your seat belt on.

I wanted to have ruffles around the whole thing- so after fiddling with my new ruffler for-EVER (with little success), I went to the serger and did all the ruffling on there. It doesn't look as perfect as I would like, but MAN! was it fast.

After that fiasco, I got some help from Angela at SheSewChic and finally got my ruffler working right.
Thank you Angela!

I also decided to take a class at our local sewing machine shop. This is where I take my machines for service, but I've never really looked around in there. Oh WOW! I saw the most beautiful machines and serger, a cover stitch machine and a glorious 10 needle embroidery machine. sigh... swoon!

HEY! Did you guys go vote this week?
When I looked this morning I was DEAD LAST. Oh no... I hope I don't get kicked off yet. I'm having so much fun with the challenges!


BConky said...

Such a great idea since your kids never wear thier coats. Cute.

thediekens said...

Great idea, love it! Then the kids won't be dropping the blanket constantly on those long car rides!!

Sew Silly Mama said...

I would love to see a tutorial for this. With a 2 yr old and another on the way, I could use a couple of these blankets.

Heidi said...

I'd love a tutorial too. This would be perfect for my 15 month old.

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I'll do my best to do it at home. I think you are right, it seems easy to make but it'd be better if you can add more information about this lovely car seat.