Friday, January 21, 2011

Dying shirts for the first time

Yeah... I did it.
I had a request for two aqua shirts for a brother and sister and I just could not find them.

So I got some of this stuff and followed this tutorial and came out with this:

and yeah... I did this back in December, but just didn't have a chance to post it.
December went by so fast.
Plus... I'm still working on my SYTYC project for this week (due tonight) and 4 adult skirts that need to be finished by Sunday.
I'll show you those soon. They're REAL cute!

Any hoo.....

Here's how the finished shirts look.

I'm not really crazy about this applique alphabet to be honest.... but I still think they're pretty darn cute!
DANG!!!! When I just went to get that link I found a TON of new Planet Applique designs...... why didn't I get a newsletter????.... I'm going shopping in a minute!

For the boy:

and for the baby girl:

I like how the white thread shows thru.
It's snowing here again today- but nothing like yesterday. It was so beautiful; I had to listen to Christmas carols.

I'm weird like that.


BConky said...

I actually posted something just to make you happy. I'm not crazy about those appliques either. I like the color they turned out.

Just Jo said...

Nicole-what a GREAT idea! And you say you are not crafty. I disagree. Great shirts!

Jana M. said...

I love dying tshirts, onesies, leggins, anything!! It is so much fun. That color is gorgeous.

My Pixie Girl's Ruffles said...

Aaagh, something else I must try. I get so tired of trying to find the right color of t-shirts for the project I want to do. This is great inspiration to try something new. The color is fantastic!!