Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fast Easy Bread- Hooray!

You guys know how I LOVE to bake!!!

Well...look what my friend Lindsey sent me in the mail for my birthday!

A kit for Fast Easy Bread ! Hooray!

It contains Superman ingredients to make yummy breads so fast.
Lindsey cooked pizza and cinnamon rolls the last time that we were together and I've been dreaming of making them ever since!

The kit comes with a brochure full of recipes, but basically you can use any recipe you want. Now I can make these in a fraction of the time. yummmmm

If you want more info on Fast Easy Bread (and I know you do), here is the website.

oh... and look what else she sent me.

What a cutie pie!

I was raised Catholic. Lindsey was raised Mormon.
We were instant friends. Seriously, we just hit it off.
As I do with every Mormon I've ever met. Seriously... the nicest people on earth.

Anyways... Lindsey used to sing the cutest primary songs. I always asked her to sing them, so she sent me these awesome CD's.
I'm really excited about them... but slightly disappointed that my favorite song isn't on there.
You would LOVE it, too, if you heard Lindsey sing it.
She's the cutest.

Thank you Linds! I love it all. I love you.
I can't wait to use my kit!


BConky said...

Great birthday presents.